Pre-School Curriculum

Southbridges Learning Center offers a child-centered curriculum where every learner is given equal chance to discover and hone his/her talents. Activities and learning strategies are designed appropriately according to the level of the learners to make them enjoy learning and motivate them to explore independently. Every subject area aims to instill the important enduring values that will empower their socio-emotional skills enabling them to cope with the fast changing environment.

  • Reading and Writing
  • Letter sounds (phonics), nursery rhymes and poems, proper strokes in writing, reading comprehension, story telling
  • Language
  • Communication skills, courteous expressions, basic grammar, phrase and sentence construction, vocabulary
  • Mathematics
  • Concrete-picture-abstract-pattern, recognizing numbers and number words, counting, recognizing patterns, problem solving, colors and shapes, sequencing, measuring
  • Science
  • Inferring, recognizing body parts and function of each, simple experiments, outdoor observations, plant and animal cycles, understanding the weather, science processes
  • Geography
  • Composition of the Earth, landform and water forms, continents and the people, animal, and famous landmarks, appreciating culture
  • Creative Arts and Crafts
  • Painting, cooking, clay molding, singing and dancing, weaving, bead stringing
  • Physical Education
  • Calisthenics, indoor and outdoor sports, games
  • Practical Life Skills
  • Proper grooming, table manners, cleaning and putting away materials used, working neatly and carefully

We accept pupils according to the following levels:

  • Nursery (4 years old by March 31)
  • Kinder (5 years old by March 31)
  • Preparatory (6 years old by March 31)
  • Grade 1 to 7
  • Grade 8 (S/Y 2022)

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